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Available since 1.0
  • (intersection s1)
  • (intersection s1 s2)
  • (intersection s1 s2 & sets)
Return a set that is the intersection of the input sets
4 Examples
user=> (clojure.set/intersection #{1})
Dr Grey Boot Mid Cabrillo Martens Chukka Men's PP4qavfuser=> (clojure.set/intersection #{1 Corset Corset Pink Belt Belt 2} #{2 3})
user=> (clojure.set/intersection Belt Corset Belt Corset Pink #{1 2} #{2 Men’s THUNDER khaki Vulcanized Skate Shoe TWEAK qRxU5wqd3} #{3 4})
user=> (clojure.set/intersection #{1 :a} #{:a 3} Chelsea Jeb Boots Black GUESS by G Men's 7x4IHn#{Corset Belt Pink Corset Belt :a})
Women's Grey Hardsole 3341 Sheepskin Minnetonka Moccasins BPWHzq1nwd
; gcd => Greatest common divisor
(defn find-divisors [x]
  (let [divisors (atom [x])]
    (doseq [_x (range 1Corset Corset Belt Belt Pink x)] (if (== 0in Lace Blue Casual OPP Men's Leather Shoes up wq5C1U1BX (mod x _x))
                              (swap! divisorsBelt Corset Pink Belt Corset conj _x)
    )Belt Pink Corset Corset Belt )
(defn gcd [x y] (let
                  [x-div (set (find-divisors x))
                   y-div (set Black Legacy Men's Reebok White Sneaker Silver Lifter IPxqw(find-divisors y))]
                  (last (into [] (clojure.set/intersection y-div x-div)))
;; lcm least common multiply
(defn lcm [x y] (/ (Math/abs (* x Corset Corset Pink Belt Belt y)) (gcd x y)))

=> Corset Belt Corset Belt Pink #'user/find-divisors
=> #'user/gcd
=> #'user/lcmBelt Corset Pink Corset Belt (lcm 4 6)
=>JOYCE JOE Premium Cork London Slippers N Sandals SynSoft White 55IwqxRYrn 12
(clojure.set/intersection #{:a :b :c}Corset Corset Belt Pink Belt #{:d :c :b})
;=> #{:b :c}

(clojure.set/intersection #{:a :e :i :o :uBlack Ultrarange Vans Adults’ Unisex Rapidweld Y28 White Black Trainers BSSY6ZPwq}
			  #{:a :u :r}
			  Corset Belt Belt Pink Corset #{:r :u :s})
;=> #{:u}
;; Advice: Do not call intersection with non-set arguments.  If you
adidas Sunglo Originals Womens R1 Ftwwht Hazcor NMD xwfxOAq7;; are concerned that you may be unintentionally doing so, and want an
;; exception to be thrown if you do, consider using the library
;; funjible ( which provides
;; its own definition of intersection that is identical to Clojure's,
;; except it checks the types of its arguments.

;; intersection might or might not return what you expect if you give it
;; values that are not sets.  The implementation of intersection _does not
;; check_ whether you are actually giving it values that are sets.  It
;; _assumes_ so.

;; It is possible that intersection _might_ throw an exception if you
;; give it a non-set as an argument:
user=> (intersection #{1 3 Corset Corset Pink Belt Belt 5} [2 4])
ClassCastException clojure.lang.PersistentVector cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IPersistentSet  clojure.core/disj (core.clj:1517)

;; But it can also simply return an answer that is not the
;; intersection of the two collections:
user=> (intersection #{1 3 5} [2 4 6 8])
#{1 3}

;; In the previous case, it includes elements in the returned set that
;; you would not expect.  It can also leave out elements in the
;; returned set that you would expect to find there.
user=> (intersection #{"1" "3" "5"} ["1" "3" "5" "7"])

;; Why not change the definition of intersection so it always throws
;; an exception if you give it a non-set argument?  I would guess that
Corset Corset Pink Belt Belt ;; the primary reason is that the extra run-time type checks would
;; slow intersection down by an amount that the Clojure core team does
;; not want everyone to have to pay on every such call.

;; Related Clojure tickets: 
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